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Our Services Include:

  • Fire Management Plans (New Developments)
  • Fire Management Plans (Existing Buildings)
  • Bushfire Attack Level Assessments (BAL)
  • Educational Presentations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Fuel Loading Assessment & Mapping
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Hazard Reduction Services
  • Natural Disaster Planning
  • Consulting
  • Fire Break Construction
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Protection Services, Supply & Install


Throughout Western Australia and Perth’s suburbs, mitigation is being used to reduce the effect a Bushfire can have on Life, Property and Livestock. At Entire Fire Management we have the Skills, Training and Knowledge to supply you with the right mitigation for your property and budget.

Imagine being able to trust that your property is safe in the event of a Bushfire, knowing that you have the right Fire Management Plan and BAL Assessment, your Fire Breaks are to the council standards every year, the fuel loading on your property is at a safe manageable level and your family has an Evacuation Plan.

At Entire Fire Management our Mitigation Teams can develop a Fire Management Plan, conduct a BAL Assessment, regrade your Firebreaks every year, trim back trees and bushes, reduce the fuel loading through Mosaic Prescribed Burning (Hazard Reduction Burning), Supply and Install a Bushfire Sprinkler System, Develop a Mitigation Strategy, Evacuation Plan and Action Plan as well as educate you and your family on how to Prepare, Act and Survive. We will also supply any relevant documentation to your local Fire Brigade so they are aware of your property’s status.

Fire Management Plans

A Fire Management Plan is a document that determines the Bush Fire Risk of a property and provides guidance to the Planning and Management of a Bush Fire Threat. It outlines the Measures and Controls for building on the property to ensure all possible steps are taken to reduce the risk of impact during a bushfire threat.

From May 2015 it will compulsory to develop a Fire Management Plan including a Bushfire Attack Level Assessments (BAL) for all new constructed Buildings and Alterations within a Bushfire prone area. Our Fire Management Plans include a Bushfire Attack Level Assessment (BAL), Fuel Loading Assessment, Mitigation Strategy, Building Protection Zone layout and more…

They are prepared in accordance with both:

The Western Australia Planning Commission’s “Planning for Bushfire Protection Guidelines – Edition 2”. Australian Standard “AS 3959 - 2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone Areas Incorporating Amendments No. 1, 2 and 3”.

BAL Assessment

A Bushfire Attack Level is known as a BAL Rating. These ratings identify the possible impact on a structure during a bushfire threat. They take into account the type of vegetation and distance from and the surrounding Topography.

This is all set out in “Planning for Bushfire Protection Guidelines – Edition 2”.

These ratings range from 12.5 to FZ, depending on your BAL rating you will need to construct your new building or alterations to a higher standard as per Australian Standard AS 3959 - 2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone Areas Incorporating Amendments No. 1, 2 and 3.

Mosaic Prescribed Burning

Mosaic Prescribed Burning, also known as Hazard Reduction Burning or Controlled Burning, is the reduction of fuel (leaf matter) through the use of Fire.

Prescribed burning has been used by Indigenous Australians for hundreds of years. Our native forest and bushland requires the heat and smoke to produce seeds to continue to survive.

There are many benefits in Mosaic Prescribed Burning:

  • Maintains Bio-diversity
  • Encourages native plant growth
  • Diminishes weeds
  • Creates food for wildlife
  • Reduces the build-up of fuel and leaf matter
  • Helps strengthen the native trees, especially Jarrah and Banksia, against diseases such as Dieback (Phytophthora Cinnamomi).

Reducing the build-up of fuel and leaf matter will also reduce the impact, intensity and the chance an actual Bushfire will have on your property.

At Entire Fire Management we have spent years researching, developing and trialling different methods of Mosaic Prescribed Burning. We have developed a simple, safe and effective way of conducting Hazard Reduction Burns on properties from 1 acre to over 1,000 hectares.

We develop a “Mitigation Strategy” which divides your property into manageable sections using strategic firebreaks and Prescribe Burn these in a Mosaic System over a 4-6 year period. This allows the Native Wildlife to move into each section where they can be safe but then return for the new food growth after it has been burnt. If each section is burnt every 4-6 years, the fuel build-up is minimal which reduces the chance and intensity of a Bushfire and the plants have time to grow and regenerate.

Fuel Loading, Vegetation Type, Topography and Seasonal Conditions will determine when and how we actually conduct the burn. Most Hazard Reduction Burns takes place during the cooler Spring and Autumn months of the year.

Conducting the Hazard Reduction Burns during the cooler months allows us to effectively reduce the fuel loading without creating too much fire intensity that may damage any trees or new growth but also reduce the “burnt look” that may occur.

Talk to us today about providing you with a quote. We have options for all individual budgets and easy to manage payment plans available.


Fire Breaks

Each year your local council or shire will issue a “Fire break” notice with your rates that detail when they should be completed by and to what standard. The best time of year to construct or re-grade a Firebreak is from September through too November, however at Entire Fire Management we will guarantee your firebreak is to your local governments standard and completed on time. We will also notify them that it has been completed.

Conducting the Hazard Reduction Burns during the cooler months allows us to effectively reduce the fuel loading without creating too much Fire intensity that may damage any trees or new growth but also reduce the “burnt look” that may occur.

Why use Entire Fire Management?

At Entire Fire Management we strive to be West Australians largest, professional and best independent Mitigation Company. All our employees are fully trained and equipped with the most up to date Training, Equipment and Machinery as well as operating with strict Occupational Health and Safety, Customer Service and Environmental policies.

Entire Fire Management is fully qualified, trained and insured to provide all of our services including Fire Management Plans, BAL Assessments, Prescribed Burning, Fire Break Construction, Fire Protection Services, and much more.

Our offices are based in Perth however our Mitigation Teams supply all our services to the Perth Metro suburbs, the Wheatbelt, Peel Region, South West and Great Southern.

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