Bushfire Management Plan Perth

Bushfire Management Plan

If a bushfire occurs, being prepared could make all the difference. A Fire Management Plan ensures your property is prepared for a bushfire. Entire Fire Management are Perth Bushfire Consultants with over 50 years of experience, and we’re experts at devising comprehensive Fire Management Plans. We want to protect your site from the risks of a bushfire.

Being prepared could make all the difference

If you’re living in a bushfire prone area, a Bushfire Management Plan will ensure that if a bushfire occurs, your home is properly prepared.

A Bushfire Management Plan shows you how to reduce the risk of damage to your property, and provides the resources required for fire fighters to actively defend it.  You’ll be protecting your family from a devastating loss.

A Bushfire Management Plan may be required for new developments and subdivisions in areas that have a BAL rating above level BAL-Low. They are essential for council proposals and submissions that comply with the State Planning Policy 3.7 and the Australian Standard 3959 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone Areas (AS 3959).

Entire Fire Management will tailor every Bushfire Management Plan to suit your objective. We assess the risks on your site, and outline strategies to reduce them. Whether you’re in an existing building or at the planning stages of a new development, we have the knowledge and skills to educate you on bushfire prevention and safety, and make recommendations on how to best safeguard your property. We not only assess the risks of your area, but give you personal advice and cost-effective mitigation solutions.

Our Bushfire Management Plan services include:

  • Bushfire Attack Level Assessment (BAL);
  • BAL Contour Maps;
  • Bushfire Hazard Identification;
  • Fuel Load Assessments;
  • Assessment against the Bushfire Protection Criteria;
  • Bushfire Mitigation Strategies;
  • Asset Protection Zone Layout;
  • Bushfire Management Statement (BMS); (link) and
  • Recommendations that comply with AS 3959.

Did your Bushfire Management Plan specialist suggest making changes to your property? Entire Fire Management can make those changes. We offer several bushfire mitigation services including, firebreaks (link), controlled burns (link) and bush clearing (link), all compliant with the requirements of AS 3959‐2009.

We’re experienced Bushfire Consultants in Perth

The Western Australian Planning Commission recommends accredited Bushfire Consultants to complete a Bushfire Management Plan. Perth-based, BPAD accredited and FPAA approved, Entire Fire Management are leading Bushfire Consultants with over 50 years of experience. We take bushfires seriously. Our goal is to reduce the risks of bushfires, and keep Western Australian communities safe.

bushfire management plan perth
bushfire management plan perth
bushfire management plan perth

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