Bushfire Risk Management Plan Perth

Bushfire Risk Management Plans

Being prepared could make all the difference.

Are you concerned about the potential bushfire hazards on your land? How would a bushfire on your site affect the community?


A Bushfire Risk Management Plan will inform you on the bushfire hazards and potential impacts of a bushfire within your area, and gives you a plan for prevention, response and recovery.

Entire Fire Management are Perth Bushfire Consultants with extensive experience in administering Bushfire Risk Management Plans for state and local government, as well as land owners. As we do the onsite mitigation ourselves, we know what works, so we give accurate advice every time.


Depending on the scope of your project, as part of a Bushfire Risk Management Plan, Entire Fire Management conduct the following:


  • GPS Mapping
  • Bushfire Hazard Level Assessment
  • Vegetation Assessment and Classifications
  • BAL Contour Map
  • Fuel Loading Assessments
  • Determine suitable Mitigation Strategies
  • Works Program
  • Weed Management


We adhere to the relative legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines associated with bushfire risk management in Western Australia.

Risk Assessment

Entire Fire Management offer detailed Risk Assessments in Perth. Risk Assessments assess the surrounding bushland, fuel loadings, firebreaks, terrain, muster points, evacuation procedures, BAL ratings, refuge areas and access to bushfire protection services within your area. They also outline the risk areas of your property, and provide recommendations on how to reduce them.


Our Infrastructure Risk Assessments include:

  • Detailed Map
  • In-depth Risk Report
  • Corrective Actions
  • Responsibility
  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Operational Incident Action Plan


*Entire Fire Management can carry out all recommended mitigation strategies.

Fuel Loading Assessment

As landowners, one of the ways you can preemptively control a bushfire­ is manage flammable materials surrounding your land. The bigger the fuel load on your property, the higher the risk and effects of a bushfire.

Entire Fire Management is experienced in assessing fuel loads­, from road verges to large bush areas­. We accurately map the fuel loads on your property using the most up-to-date mapping tools. We advise where bush clearing (link), prescribed burns (link) and/or firebreaks (link) are needed, and can carry out the recommended mitigation strategies where required.


We’re experienced Bushfire Consultants in Perth

The Western Australian Planning Commission recommends using accredited Bushfire Consultants to complete a Bushfire Risk Management Plan, Risk Assessment and Fuel Loading Assessment. Perth-based, BPAD accredited and FPAA approved, Entire Fire Management are leading Bushfire Consultants with over 50 years of experience. We take bushfires seriously. Our goal is to reduce the risks of bushfires, and keep Western Australian communities safe.

bushfire risk management plan perth
bushfire risk management plan perth
bushfire risk management plan perth

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