Firebreaks Perth


Firebreaks are critical to bushfire risk management. Firebreaks reduce the impacts of a bushfire, and allow emergency services to access your property in case of an emergency. Entire Fire Management are expert Bushfire Consultants in Perth, with extensive experience in constructing Firebreaks, Asset Protection Zones (APZ), and other bushfire mitigation strategies.


Will firefighters be able to access you in a bushfire?

Imagine there was a bushfire in your neighbourhood, and you had no idea if your house would be safe? Would emergency services be able to access you? If your house isn’t defendable in a bushfire, you’re not only in danger of losing your home, but you’re also putting your neighbours at risk, as the bushfire will inevitably spread to properties surrounding you.


Firebreaks are sections of land that have been cleared of all flammable material, including trees, shrubs, grass, and leaves, allowing access to emergency vehicles in case of a bushfire­. Constructing a firebreak on your property means your home will be defendable in a bushfire. Firebreaks are a legal requirement in bushfire prone areas in Western Australia, and an integral part of bushfire risk management and safety.


Entire Fire Management are experienced in earth moving, bush clearing (link), slashing, firebreak construction, and other bushfire mitigation services. We operate under strict safety guidelines and are fully insured, so you can be sure that your property is in safe hands.


Our consultants are qualified to work in environmentally sensitive areas, which means our firebreaks won’t impact the environment, unnecessarily. We also use dieback sprays in all operations, preventing possible Phytophthora Dieback outbreaks.


We’re experienced Bushfire Consultants in Perth

Entire Fire Management are leading Perth Bushfire Consultants with over 50 years of experience. We take bushfires seriously. Our goal is to reduce the risks of bushfires, and keep WA communities safe.

firebreaks perth
firebreaks perth
firebreaks perth

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