Hazard Reduction Burning Perth

Hazard Reduction Burning

Hazard Reduction Burning burns excess bush and leaf matter off your land, radically reducing the bushfire hazards on your property. Entire Fire Management are expert Bushfire Consultants in Perth, with extensive experience in Hazard Reduction Burning, Controlled Burns, and other bushfire mitigation strategies.


Are you concerned about the potential bushfire hazards on your land?

By burning excess bush and leaf matter off your property, Hazard Reduction Burning (Controlled Burns/Prescribed Burns) significantly lowers the risk and impacts of a bushfire. It also maintains bio-diversity by encouraging native plant growth, and protects plants such as Jarrah and Banksia against diseases, like Dieback (Phytophthora).


Entire Fire Management conducts Hazard Reduction Burns/Controlled Burns on properties from one-acre to 1000 acres to reduce hazardous vegetation and fuel loadings, and construct firebreaks to allow access to fire services in case of an emergency.


After completing a Vegetation Survey and assessing your site’s topography, we assess your site for the level of hazardous vegetation and fuel loadings. We then devise a mitigation strategy with careful consideration of the native wildlife and future plant regeneration of your property. We use dieback sprays in all operations, preventing possible Phytophthora Dieback outbreaks.


We operate under strict safety guidelines and are fully insured, so you can be sure that your property is in safe hands. Our consultants are qualified to work in environmentally sensitive areas, which means our burns won’t impact the environment unnecessarily.


We’re experienced Bushfire Consultants in Perth

Entire Fire Management are leading Perth Bushfire Consultants with over 50 years of experience. We take bushfires seriously. Our goal is to reduce the risks of bushfires, and keep Western Australian communities safe.

hazard reduction burning perth
hazard reduction burning perth
hazard reduction burning perth

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